Piano lessons for children and adults on E 63rd street in Manhattan

It's fun to play the piano, whether you're six or sixty!


Adults: Learn at your own pace and in your own way. Piano students will learn the basics of music through working on music that interests them.
Personalized lessons in Reading Music, Music Theory, Harmony, Counterpoint and Improvisation are shaped around the interests and needs of each student.

Gift Certificate available for Adults.



Music lessons for children are fun and definitely enhance academic performance.
Kids learn how to improvise as well as read music.
Lessons take place on East 63rd Street, Manhattan.


The authors are presenting  World In Tune for a limited number of students after school in NYC.


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WIT is a fun integrative program used by teachers in the US and overseas. It consists of presenting the creative aspects of men and women through the ages. The period emphasized here are the roots of our civilization today: the ancient world of Egypt, China, India, Sumer/Babylon and Greece.
The activities we offer include music, art, puppets and puppet theater, exploring how these activities express the other subjects such as History, Math and the Humanities. World In Tune shows the connections between these subjects in the form of stories, pictures, theater and song. It’s playful but takes the words of Einstein seriously. “If you want intelligent children tell them fairy tales. If you want even more intelligent children tell them more fairy tales.”
The program has music as a core. Study after study has found that music raises the academic level of a child.
  • Each child receives a private piano lesson for 20 minutes a week.
  • Nutritious snacks are prepared for the children after school.
  • Activities include playing instruments, drawing, puppet making, singing, telling stories and dance.
  • The emphasis is on having children develop their listening ability through listening to stories and songs.
  • Also there is a strong emphasis on having them express themselves in music, art or putting on plays or puppet shows.
And they discover that all of what they see around them has been invented by peoples of the past—our ancestors; and they too can join in this creative, playful world of invention.
The classes are developed for three or four children. Each participating child will receive individual attention and the benefits of playing with a group.
For ages 8 through 11.
Six week course, each session two hours a week  including individual piano lessons. Begins the first week of January 2024. Space is limited. Enrollment ends December 30, 2023. For Spring sessions please call.

The cost is $750 plus $90 for materials and snacks.

Carmela Mercuri has been teaching music for 35 years, has a degree from Boston University School of Fine and Applied Arts and has taken the doctoral program at the University of Durham, England. She has written books on theory, composing, piano, world music. Her publications also include piano and choral music. She is author of World In Tune, the integrative world music program in use in schools through the USA. 

Call: 347-931-6763